Sunday, October 4, 2009

::little man layton::6months::

I really do have the most handsome godson ever! Layton is growing into such a big boy...he has the sweetest little giggle, and his mommy and daddy just ADORE him! It was pretty hot and humid outside the day of our shoot, but Layton managed to pull his coy smile enough to get plenty of happy-boy shots.  Love you, LJ!!
it took a team effort from Shel and JJ to get some big laughs...i love how sweet this family is.

so serious chillin in the grass

"guys seriously with the camera again?"
i just love his kissable cheeks!
perfectly round baby head
happy family!
this one just cuts me up! i think he'll be making this face again in 15 years or so...
shy little grin

Layton has the clearest blue eyes, just what Shel wanted :)
Its no news to Jeremy and Shelly that they have such a little stud on their hands...I just love watching him grow and change so fast! Smooches from Auntie Megs!

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