Monday, October 5, 2009

::Girls in White Dresses::

"...with blue satin sashes..." sing it with me, friends! this family just made me so happy! I work with Danielle, and her mother had made beautiful white dresses for the three generations of girls in her family.  Her daughter, Serena is such a beautiful little girl and we just had a perfect day for the pictures.  Serena totally loved the pond full of ducks too. 

3 generations together!

Grandma love

don't you love her tiny pearls? she picked them out herself. classy lady!

sigh...beautiful moment

one...two...three...SWING! (doesn't every kid love this game?)
pretty white shoes all in a row
Well besides singing "The Sound of Music" for the rest of the day, this was definitely a fun first for me to shoot three generations of pretty pretty girls! Clean white shoes, lovely blonde hair, tiny girl pearls...these are a few of my favorite things!

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