Wednesday, October 14, 2009

::professional printing::

Hi friends...I'm so excited to say that I've found an online professional printing lab that I REALLY like and have started using for my sessions. Just a few aspects of this lab that I'm super excited about:
::tons of size variety from wallet size all the way to 30x40, lots of fun album options, proof books, and gallery wraps::
::GREAT price and quality...and I do mean GREAT! They even off stunning metallic printing, a type of finish that really makes color and detail POP! I plan on ordering most of my large prints on this paper. I have sample 8x10s if you'd like to see::
::quick shipping...because who wants to wait?::
::image hosting, so hopefully I can eventually start using this website to send to clients so they can purchase prints directly from the website::

Let me know if you want to see price sheets or sample you can tell I'm pretty pumped to finally have this printing company as an option. I really want to be able to offer clients the best possible images and printing is a HUGE part of that!

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