Wednesday, September 16, 2009

::baby Adelle::

how.cute! are these girls?!! three pretty girls...the older two are just SUPER blonde and precious! the focus was mostly on baby sister adelle, but big sisters got in on the action too.  big sister courtney is such a ham and little reagan just was not a fan of the camera. check out how adorable!
oh my mercy she's so cute!
reagan doing her own thing
blondies blondies!
little sissy loving

each of the older two girls have a newborn picture in daddy's arms, so of course we had to continue that pose
mama and her sweet girls

kisses for baby

i totally love their interactions and how much they laugh together!

beeYOUtiful eyes!
"just call me sweet cheeks!"

the girls lost interest in the camera pretty quickly, but they sure loved those ice pops

Its so fun for me to get to know these great families and see a new life come into the world.  I'm sure you'll agree they are just so sweet and just the happiest family! 

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