Monday, April 20, 2009

::little man layton::

what.a.little.stud!  layton is now one month old, but i took these pictures when the little man was only a few days old. he's really a sweet boy, so content and happy!

ALL hands and cheeks!

snuggled up with dad

he's so alert...
probably my favorite of Jeremy and baby

little bit of a mama's boy

...all because two people fell in love

i just love little baby boy heads!
sweet dreams handsome boy!
fast asleep in his BEAUTIFUL hand crafted cradle
Layton was perfect for my first baby session, but wow did he ever cash out quickly after all that posing :)  i'm so glad he's finally here!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

::sweet shelly's belly...and jeremy too!::

yikes! So this is my first ever photography shoot.  I totally forced Shelly into doing this session for me, and she and Jeremy were such excellent models, don't you think? Shel is a great friend of mine from the NICU, and boy to we ever LOOOVE our homegrown NICU babies! Even though Layton is now almost three weeks old, I definitely wanted to share these photographs. Thanks for being such great victims for me, Shelly and Jeremy!

happy mommy-to-be! 

cooler tones
the whole fam
i love how obvious it is that Jeremy just adores her
Shelly's laugh is so infectious; isn't she so cute?!
love :: love :: love
such a sweet daddy!

Well, that's my first session.  I definitely want to keep practicing and getting better, but I couldn't have asked for a better model couple to help me out.  Jeremy and Shelly, it's going to be so much fun to watch little Layton grow up! 

Paul and Jen Maternity

So Paul and Jen were my second maternity couple; they were kind enough to give me some practice for their maternity photographs. It was fun!  They are such a wonderful couple and are going to be really great parents.  They're the first of our small group to get pregnant, and its been so much fun to watch Jen's cute little belly grow and for them to head into parenthood. Aren't they adorable?! (Paul, by adorable, of course I mean Jen)

Can we all agree that Jen is an absolutely gorgeous mother-to-be?!

Paul came up with this one; I hope you crack up as much as I did. Creative and hilarious!

"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3

i spy a sweet moment

Paul was cracking me up with his ridiculous facial expressions and 
Jen with her sweet belly laughs!

So there we have first blog post. I hope it wasn't too obvious that I'm totally new at this! Thanks, Paul and Jen, I just can't wait to meet sweet baby Madeline!