Sunday, December 6, 2009

::DPP 6::

Day 6...i'm trying! these are a few of my favorite things, which really aren't things at all. my handsome godson. Layton William in his warm bomber hat. what a stud!

and after having to stay away from babies for a few weeks i FINALLY got to meet Gabriel Wetherbee again! i hadn't seen him since he was a few hours old in the NICU when he decided to make his grand entrance even grander and earlier than expected. these handsome little men happen to be the sons of my good friends Shelly and Emily. i'm so thankful to have these girls in my life who share their families with me and let me have the blessing of watching them start to raise their kiddos to know and love the Lord. how do i have so many beautiful people in my life?! they are everywhere around me! merry Christmas to Gabriel, Layton, and all my other friends celebrating Christmas with little families!!

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