Tuesday, December 1, 2009

::December Photo Project::

Hay blogging friends! This is so fun! One of my sweet friends has done this in years past (she has adorable kiddos and a fresh eye for fun pictures) and I thought I'd give it a whirl. Join me if you want, just for fun: http://www.tredways.org/december-photo-project/
So 2 reasons I think this is cool, #1 because making sure I take at least one picture a day is fun to document the day-to-day stories that happen in our lives that make for such beautiful moments. #2, so i don't get in the habit of thinking that every picture i take has to be completely perfect photographically and so i challenge myself to just get out there and take pictures.
So sign up and lets do this together! Its for everyone and its ok if you miss a few days...so here's my December 1!

I love detail shots. Raise your hand if you agree: long eyelashes, wedding ring pictures, baby toes...this is my recently decorated Christmas tree. I love Christmas decorating (who doesnt?!) and Jase and I just put ours up yesterday. I'm slightly crazy about building family traditions while we're a young married couple. We also watched Elf/listened to the new Shane and Shane Christmas CD (two thumbs UP!) while we decked the halls. Merry Jesus Christmas to you!

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